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Real Estate System

“Property” automated system is intended for automation of activity of the large enterprises, regional and municipal institutions implementing administration of the immovable property: the land lots, the buildings located within their limits, the facilities, isolated premises and utility lines.

The system generates a unified card of the immovable property object by means of data collecting and comparing out of various sources.

The system automatically builds up the hierarchy of accounting objects. Thus, having clicked the land lot, it is possible to view the list of the buildings located within the limits of this land lot; and having clicked the building, it is possible to view the list of premises located inside of it.

The system allows obtaining full data in regard to any accounting object, simplifying the work of the accounting department, preventing mistakes while payment of taxes, as well as revealing of the mistakes that are possible to occur within the state recording system.

Daily data updating within the system allows constant availability of actual data regarding the accounting objects.

The system can be integrated with the other existing company’s systems, as well as with external systems, by means of API.

Tax calculation subsystem

The subsystem is intended for automatic calculation of the land tax (the rent fee) for each land lot and filling-in of a tax declaration and all its supplements in regard to the land tax.

Data regarding all parameters used while the calculations is available for the user. If necessary, the user can modify the values of definite parameters and save data regarding the modifications introduced.