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We are a team of top notch professionals in spatial solutions (GIS, CAD&GIS Integration, Geo-portals, Mobile Cartography, Industrial GIS, 3D Geoportals, VR etc.)

WE HELP companies with lack of expertise or resources:
1. Stick to the budget and/or decrease expenses.
2. Reduce time of product development to market launch.
3. Make the best appropriate decisions for product launch.
4. Find qualified IT experts and establish trusted partnership.

How WE DO that:
1. All of us have high education in IT, Math or similar. Some of us have Master or PhD degrees.
2. Monitor and try last technologies.
3. Attend webinars and professional conferences to strengthen expertise. Our solutions have won various competitions.
4. Monitor and apply latest time management and task tracking tech tools/practices.

Working with us YOU WILL:
1. Save up to 40% of budget, time and efforts comparing to on-site experts or IT consulting.
2. Have a reliable partner. All our partners are important to us.
3. Hire Middle and Senior level developers.
4. Get timely support in small as well as complex issues.
5 Beat competitors.

If you know someone I can help, shoot me a message!