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Who We Are

We are a team of top notch professionals in spatial solutions (VR/AR, GIS, CAD&GIS Integration, Geo-portals, Mobile Cartography, Industrial GIS, 3D Geoportals, etc.

What We Do

We’re a spatial solutions development company. We have a full cycle of work with spatial data from data  processing and analysis to the development of applications (web, mobile, desktop) of various levels of complexity

VR/AR solutions

We work with different 3D engines: Unigine, Unity, Unreal

Custom GIS

We develop web, mobile, desktop geoinformation systems.

CAD/GIS integration

We have own solutions that can recognize CAD objects and use CAD data for GIS.

Spatial data processing

We have big experience in spatial data processing.

3D modelling

We create 3D models from different sources.


We use our systems to develop different kind of simulators.



Real Estate System

Nizida island

Mass formation of property objects

Some projects