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Product Line Flow System of a Network of Pharmacies

The system implements data collecting, storage and analysis regarding the product flow of the pharmaceutic line within the Customer’s networks of pharmacies. The system was developed for one of the pharmacy networks comprising more than 200 pharmacies.
More than 2 million entries with data regarding the product line flow of the network of pharmacies enter the system daily. It is necessary to collect all this data, to store it, to analyze, and to create data-based-reports with consideration of the spatial component.
Besides of actual collection and storage systems, the system includes two analytical subsystems which allow to analyze the whole product line range flow.
The first subsystem is intended for the holding company’s employees. It allows obtaining the access to the whole data stored within the system, as well as to implement creation of a variety of the reports in regard to various time periods.
The second subsystem is intended for the suppliers of the medical products to the pharmacies. The suppliers are given the access to the data in regard to the products they supply only.
The results of the reports can be visualized by means of various diagrams.