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Longitudinal profile

The project which allows automatic building-up of a track longitudinal profile on the basis of geodetic surveying data and data of the infrastructure objects of a company.

First of all, automatic building-up of a longitudinal profile permits to avoid the mistakes while data plotting onto a drawing (human factor), as well as to reduce the expenses and to speed-up working process.

The systems consists of several subsystems.

Subsystem of cartographic material visualization

It visualizes cartographic basis, a company’s infrastructure, boundaries of the stations and railway hauls, responsibility areas of the structure divisions. The system implements:

•    map-oriented search;

•    determination of the object’s coordinates according to its name and number;

•    displaying of the object’s attributive data.

Administering subsystem

It implements control of the system, as well as delimitates the access rights for various user groups depending on their responsibility area.

Subsystem of automatic building-up of the Track longitudinal profile.

It directly builds up a longitudinal profile in accordance with approved rules of building-up.

Subsystem of obtaining the results of engineer-and-geodetic surveying.

Subsystem of data presentation into external systems.

Operation principle

To identify the track, the user selects necessary station (railway haul) out of digital cartographic basis or out of the list.

When the track is selected, information on data availability in database regarding given track sorted-out according to shooting date is displayed to the user.

Data for automatic building-up of the longitudinal profile can be entered both in manual mode, and obtained out of the other systems of the company.

After that, when all necessary data is obtained, the system implements direct building-up of the track longitudinal profile.

When building-up is complete, the user can edit text and graphic data regarding the longitudinal profile in manual mode. Preparation for printing in accordance with targeted pattern is implemented.

The system also provides possibility of storage of scanned paper versions of the longitudinal profiles with revision history maintenance.

Updating of existing longitudinal profiles is implemented according to the user’s inquiry. When new track longitudinal profile is built-up, for which agreed and approved longitudinal profile already exists within the storage depositary, initial data for building-up and the profile itself are not substituted but are saved into the archive.