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Spatial solutions provider

Housing and communal services system

Geoportal makes it possible for the citizens to effect smart informing of the utility services regarding the problems in the Housing-and-Utility Infrastructure sphere. Each problem is given definite geographic affixment, possibility to add a photo and description, as well as to receive the report when the problem is solved. An inquiry is automatically sent to corresponding service, and, after that, the user can track its status, comment and give recognition of the company’s work. Shared coordination center allows to synchronize operation of the utility services.

The project main tasks included:
•    simplifying of communication between the residents and the housing-and-utility services of the country;
•    time reduction between the inquiry applied for the works to be implemented and the problem solvation;
•    data collection regarding current infrastructure state to reveal “weak points” and prevention of the emergency situations in the future;
•    obtaining of smart feedback from the population regarding the problems in the Housing-and-Utility Infrastructure sphere;
•    synchronizing of operation of the utility services;
•    creation of shared coordination center in regard to the problems of the population;

Currently, this portal is in successful use; it demonstrates good results, and it has become one of the valuable data resources for the Housing-and-Utility Infrastructure services.   

    Customer: Minsk City Executive Committee